In our quest to ensure we meet our business clients’ needs we offer a variety of software solutions tailored for specific business requirements from Accounting to Point of Sale Solutions and other integrated offerings. Chief among our offerings are the following solutions:

  • Palladium Accounting
  • IQ Business
  • 4POS Point of Sale


The days of Accounting Software providers dictating how you should run your businesses through the limitations of their software is a thing of the past. Palladium develops and supports solutions that are made with real business needs in mind. This means that Paladium Accounting product don’t just record business data they help build and grow your business. Palladium Accounting Software is a South African owned product catering for small to large businesses. The product itself boasts many leading features that set it apart from competitors. These include the sending of copies of outstanding invoices with customer statements, to Manufacturing with Work Centres, Processing using Item Dimensions, Serial Number and Lot Control and much more. Palladium supports wireless networks alleviating the needs for clients to be tied down to desks or be required to use network cables and UPS’s.

Contact Eight O Two (Pty) Ltd for a comprehensive DEMO and pricing. Its time you take control of your business processes and ensure that your FINANCIALS make sense. dont just leave everything to the ACCOUNTANTS, it will prove very COSTLY for you in the long run. We are here for you.

IQ RETAIL - A Kerridge Commercial Systems Company

In the retail, distributive and hospitality industries, your clients want purchase and payment simplicity, while you want effective, accurate control over your business financial transactions. From point of sale to general ledger, you need solutions that suit/fulfil your unique needs and give you complete administrative control.

That’s why IQ Retail gives you business accounting and management solutions designed to work in a retail, distributive and hospitality environment. We don’t just develop software – we develop legally and legislatively compliant, IFRS-based software that understands your business, and back it up with unbeatable service and support.


To the small business owner out there, we have your back. Computerizing your processes is no longer a luxury, it is a LEGAL requirement. Contact us today for an obligation free assessment of your current business processes. We will give you recommendations on how to manage your enterprise PROFITABLY. After all you are in business to make money right?